18-20 June 2019 MAGLOCLEN, 140 Terry Dr., Suite 100, Newtown, PA 18940

Cost: Free

Open Source Intelligence

Hosted by: Northeast Counterdrug Training Center, MAGLOCLEN and the Police Chiefs Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

This three-day (24 hour) course is designed for criminal intelligence analysts, special agents, and other investigators. Students with any level of familiarity with the Internet and computers, from beginning to advanced, will find this course beneficial.

The program gives students an up-to-date understanding of how social networking sites work and how members act and interact. Student will learn what information is available on various sites and how to integrate that information into criminal investigations and criminal intelligence analysis. Too often, investigators and analysts overlook or underutilize these valuable resources.

Social networking sites are virtual communities. As in any large community, criminal organizations, fraud, violent crime, and victimization exist.

Investigators need to understand these communities along with the tools, tricks, and techniques to prevent, track, and solve crimes.

To register:

  1. Visit the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center's website.
  2. Click on "Course Registration"
  3. Find the training that you would like to register for and select "Click to Register"
  4. Fill out your contact information and Agree to the Statement of Understanding"
  5. Click on "Submit Registration"

If you have questions, please contact NCTC at 717-861-2070

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