900 Numbers

Advance Fee Fraud

Advance Fee Loans

ATM Grab

Bail Bond Scam

Black Money Scam

Country Boy

Bank Examiner

Broken Bottle Scam

Business Opportunities

Caller ID Spoof

Carnival Game Fraud

Charitable Solicitations

C.O.D. Scam

Confidence Crime & the Banking Industry

Country Boy

Credit Repair

Diversion Burglary

Door-To-Door Solicitor

Equity Skimming and Real Estate Schemes

Fortune Telling Fraud


Government Service

Handkerchief Switch

Help Needed

Home Improvement

Identity Theft

Imposter Burglars

Internet E-Mail Scam

Investment Scams

IRS Energy Rebate, Phishing and Other IRS Related Scams

Jury Duty Scam

Land Sale

Latin Lotto

Living Trusts

Lottery Scams

Magazine Subscriptions


Neighbor Assistance

Nigerian Advanced Fee


Pickpocket Diversion

Pigeon Drop

Pocketbook Drop

Police Follow-up Scam

Product Demonstration

Pyramid Scheme

Recovery Rooms

Retirement Estates

Rock in a Box

Service Technician

Sweetheart Swindle Con


Texas Twist

Texas Tornado

Three Card Monte

Toner Rooms

Travel Scams

Truck Stop Three Card Monte

Trust Game

Work at Home Plans

Yellow Page Advertising



You've Just Won $25,000! Or a boat, or a car, or something else "valuable." So goes The pitch. But if you"re asked to pay before you get your prize, it's a scam. Often these outfits claim the money is for shipping, taxes, or something like that. But legitimate companies rarely require any payment or purchase up front.  

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